RV/Camper Lot Rental


RV/Camper Lot Rental Form

The information requested below allows the Royal Palms Office to place your Request in queue for a lot. Completion of the form DOES NOT ensure that a lot is available; rather, the Request becomes a Reservation ONLY after the Royal Palms Office contacts you by telephone, to discuss, and you accept an OFFERED lot. Only then is your payment processed. Should you not accept an OFFERED lot during the telephone conversation, or should a lot not be offered to you by the "Rental Start" date provided below, all of the following personal information will be deleted/shredded from our records. NOTE: PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN THE PROVIDED TELEPHONE #'S ARE CORRECT!

Your Information

A valid photo ID will need to be presented by all persons over 17 upon move-in

Rental Information

My Intended Length Of Stay will be:

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 or more
1 2 3 or more

*Day Rentals will be charged # of Days

*Week Rental will be charged 1st week
*Monthly Rental will be charged 1st month,
plus $300 refundable deposit
Based on the above, the Rental Charge to reserve your lot will be:

Rental Payment

Royal Palms provides SEVERAL different payment options:

Please identify the payment method you will be using from the list provided below

1.   Minimize Convenience Fees / Deposits

a)    Pay by Check direct to Royal Palms
There Is a $2.95 CONVENIENCE FEE

RV Rental Form Submission